A positive space for Dinonaras all over the world. for #세븐틴's #디노.


This is a space for Dinonaras to get together & organize projects for Seventeen & their maknae Dino!

We organize & promote projects such as:

youtube ads
birthday ads
rice wreaths
hashtag events
cup sleeve events
voting & streaming parties
dinonara community engagement

We've collaborated with trusted Seventeen fanbases on several advertising and streaming projects, and have self-funded several advertising projects (IG & Youtube) thus far. Do contact us if you have a project you'd like to collaborate with us on, or if you'd like us to help promote it.


Are the views counted when you advertise on Youtube?
Short answer: Yes
Long answer: For TrueView in-stream ads running on YouTube, paid advertising views will be counted as public views on the video when one of the following happens: someone watches a complete ad that’s 11-30 seconds long, someone watches at least 30 seconds of an ad that’s more than 30 seconds long, or someone interacts with the ad. (Source: Google Ads Support Page)

Are the Youtube ads useful?
Based on our own observations of the data collected on one month of Danceology pre-ad views versus the data during 2 weeks of ad runtime:
Daily views doubled on the weekdays and tripled over the weekends while our ad campaign was runningThe ad reached approximately 40,000 screens during the first test campaignWe had an average of 25.6% view rate on the video ad (percentage of people who stopped to watch the video when they encountered it)We discovered interesting and unexpected data on unlikely audiences who seem to enjoy Danceology.
Will all the money I donate be used on only one project?
We'll budget it accordingly based on the scale and length of our campaigns. It may be kept in reserve for future projects but it'll 100% be used for Dinonara Union activities.

What do I get for donating to you?
You'll be duly credited and notified of how we have used your funds at the end of every project. We want to maintain a high level of accountability and transparency with the community!

Are the ads for Seventeen or Dino's Danceology?
We will focus our efforts on SVT's title track music video during comebacks to aid them in music show digital scores. This will usually be a collaborative effort with other fanbases, though our Youtube admin is usually the one advising on the process.

Dinonara Union will be concentrating on Dino-centric projects otherwise.

I don't have Paypal, what do I do?
Send us a DM and a mod will get back to you with alternative payment options!

For Malaysian Carats, Dinonara MY has volunteered to help you out.

What if I have a question that isn't addressed here?
Please contact us with your queries!



#DanceologyTo1Million : We're focusing on Feeling Good & Toosie Slide now!

#DinoForStudioCHOOM Project : campaigning for Dino to be Studio CHOOM's artist of the month

#OttersForDINO Birthday Project : a charity drive for Chester Zoo in Dino's name.

- - -



Weekly Danceology Streaming Party : EVERY SUNDAY @ 9AM & PM KST

- - -


Hit the Road live watch parties

Seventeen 5th Debut Anniversary Ad on Instagram

BLM Mass Streaming Event in collaboration with Badly-Drawn Kpop

7 Days to 500k Project

Streaming Party with Carat_World

Left & Right MV Youtube Ad Campaign in collaboration with Smile Flower Team

Scavenger Hunt Streaming Event for the #SuckerTo1Million Project

#SUCKER TO 1 MILLION PROJECT: in collaboration with Dinonara & Carat fanbases

2020 Ode to Dino Hashtag Event : Revamped in 2021


We're aiming to compile a comprehensive list of Dinonara fanbases to facilitate collaboration between each other in the future!


arab dinonara: twitter

cndinobar: twitter & weibo

dino archive: twitter

dino argentina: twitter

dino brasil: twitter

dino 17 chile: twitter

dino chile 17: twitter

dinonara my: twitter

france dino: twitter

onleeforchanph: twitter


If you have any questions / collaboration ideas / suggestions for future projects, do contact us!


2021 birthday projects

Here is a list of projects organized by fanbases or individual Carats for Dino's birthday in 2021!

[Int] #11DaysOfChanmas // a countdown hashtag by DinoArchive & DU.
[Int] Kpop's Future Dino Streaming Party // a danceology streaming party organized by svtbillboard.

[Int] #OttersForDINO Birthday Project // a charity drive for Chester Zoo in Dino's name by DU.
[Int] DINOLOGY: A Dino Fanzine // a charity fanart zine.
[CN] Charity Music Classroom Assistance // by CNDINOBAR.

[Int] Twitter Birthday Ad // by DU (Tentative)
[Int] Instagram Ad // by DU & boymeetsotter.
[Int] Danceology Youtube Ad // by DU.
[Int] Instagram Ad // by shanwen0801.
[Int] Instagram Ad // by lightcloverTY_.
[TH] Dino Tuktuk Ad Project // by kb6__37.
[KR] Subway & Bus Ads // by _shiningchan.
[KR] Bus Ads // by desperado0211 and dash_vroom.
[CN/KR] Iksan Bus Ads // by CNDINOBAR.

[PH] Premier Amor, Chan // online event by ONLEE FOR CHAN PH.
[IDN] Fevrier Chanceux // online event by leenodino.
[US] Seventeen Dino Birthday Event // by PNWcarat.
[JP] Happy Dino Day: Dino Birthday Cafe Event // by dino_project23.
[JP] 2021.02.11 Special Dino Day // by 99211DN_BD_JP.
[JP] Happy Dino Day // by melody_99211.
[JP] Cupsleeve & Paper Cup Event // by melty_for_dino.
[KR] Happy Dino Day // by _beloved211.
[KR] Happy Dino Day in Seoul // by edenmsy_1117.
[KR] Lee Chan You Are My Star // by dash_vroom.

Dino For Charity Fairy // by CCT_DINO.
Times Square Birthday Ad @ Whosfan.
Subway Ads @ Kshoplive.